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"Body and Soul




Title Body and Soul


Year 2021


Oil on canvas technique

Dimensions 100X100


With this work, the eternal enigma of the relationship between body and soul opens up.
Western culture from Greek philosophy to date has done nothing but separate the two components by attributing different values to one or the other and conditioning society as desired.
But is it really so? There is not only Western culture and today there are peoples and cultures that give perhaps a more real value to the relationship between body and soul by living them as a single entity that is part of the same being!


Aristotle, 'politics'
The soul seems to think par excellence: but if even thinking is a kind of imagination or one does not have it without the imagination, it follows that it will not exist independently of the body either.
Therefore, if there is an operation of passion proper to the soul, the soul can exist in the separate state, but if there is none of its own, then it will not be separated and will be in the same condition as that. which is straight to which, as such, many properties agree, for example to be tangent to a bronze sphere at a point, and yet, as separate, it cannot touch it: in reality it is inseparable because it always exists with a body

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