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roberto bellucci 




Year 2020


Oil on canvas technique

Dimensions 60X120


Testimony of a man who survived the Sobibor death camps:


You don't need to know the details of the story to understand when human beings have committed atrocities against other human beings.


What must strike us is the inhumanity and cruelty that never has explanations, nor so-called "historical" reasons!


The victims of wars and exterminations were not granted the pietas of their torturers.


The "torturers" did not realize that by killing their fellow men they were killing their own soul.


On this day I address my thoughts, my heart and my deep feelings to the Nazi extermination camps, to the dead in the sinkholes, to the extermination of the so

called witches, for all the dead of any war, race, religion or political reason.


For the fragile and defenseless victims of any dictatorship, political power that "history" has tried to cancel, deny or justify


So that every man remembers and as a true and just man can say to himself:

"Don't ask yourself for whom the bell rings, it rings for you"



June 20, 1970
Constantin Laszlo Bastiar

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